Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Help, I Need a Pedicure! And a Pedicurist!

Oy, this last week has felt like a string of obstacles to surmount. In no particular order, except the order in which they occur to me, they are: 1) I can no longer see my feet, and can't reach around my big tummy to cut my toenails. So my feet look worse than Paul Bunyan's, I think, but can't confirm because I can't really see them.

Yuck, I just looked down at them and CAN confirm that they are probably even worse than Paul Bunyan's...they probably look like Paul Bunyan's ox's hooves. Nice! Great to be walking around as a spa owner with lumberjack feet.

2) I got the punch-in-the-gut that our wonderful nail technician, Annie, is LEAVING!! Waaaaah. She has been suffering from allergies for quite a while, and they have gotten so bad that she had to spend the night in a hospital recently because she couldn't breathe. Her doctors want her to take a break from the nail industry, so she is doing the right thing and putting her health first.

3) So I start interviewing for nail technicians, and so far, have been striking out. The first one to come through the door seemed very promising, but her cousin needs her help at the family nail salon for the next two months. The second one sent a great resume, but then decided not to relocate to the area after all. Back to square one - I have decided to affirm and trust that no matter what, the Universe will send me the right person. It's better than thinking to myself all the time that finding a good nail technician is hard....that's just the reality I will create if I think that.

Well, if anyone .... ANYONE ... knows of any great nail technicians, let me know. I'll send you a gift certificate for a complimentary pedicure if I hire the person you send me!

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