Thursday, October 15, 2009

Angels Amongst US - Part 2

Have you ever found feather after feather in different places within a short time frame? Have you ever found a feather in an unlikely place such as a pocket, shoe, purse, closet or your car? Most drawings and paintings depict Angels with wings. Have I piqued your interest in where this article is heading? I hope so.

There is a deity in Greek and Roman mythology named Hermes (Greek) or Mercury (Roman). I will refer to him as Mercury. In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication and messages. Mercury is depicted as a man, wearing a hat with wings and winged sandals (Talaria). Mercury is running - leaping forward to bring you messages. One of Mercury's jobs is to bring messages about "commerce." He can be the Angel of help with money and career issues.

I remember years ago while "channeling" for a client, I heard a sweet voice in my head whispering, "One of the ways you know we are here is by seeing feathers in places where birds do not reside." This message brought comfort to my client as she was grieving over a friend that had just died. She called me days after with her story of finding a feather in a pair of shoes - one feather for each shoe. Another day she found a feather on the driver's seat of her car. She said when the feathers are found, it brings a big smile to her face and a sense of peace. She also said that the belief in Angels was always with her, but she now "knew" that they existed.

So when feather(s) come your way in those unexpected places, know that Angels are reminding you that they do exist and are waiting for you to ask for help, guidance and comfort. Angels are amongst us - let them know that you believe in them too. Ask the Angels for proof they exist ... and collect the feathers they will send your way.

Theresa Hatcher
Soul Therapist

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're Starting Acupuncture at Pavia!

Just yesterday, we announced that we will be starting to offer Acupuncture at Pavia. Anne R. Dugan, a licensed acupuncturist with 22 years of experience, will be joining us on Friday evenings, from 5:30 to 8pm, to perform  acupuncture either with or without needles on clients (YES! SHE CAN DO IT NEEDLE-LESSLY!).

Here is the story of how I met Anne: I walked into the now-out-of-business San Jose Metaphysical Book Shop, and had a reading with an intuitive, Michael Berry. I talked to him about my strong desire to have children (my husband and I have been trying for years now), and he suggested that I contact his former Acupuncture teacher, who practiced out of Sunnyvale. So I called Anne and took her out to lunch, then started to see her privately for "fertility boosts."

Anne has a wonderful, unique energy. She reminds me of an eccentric, loving aunt that you can never wait to visit because she always has a surprise in store for you and because she understands just what you need. We did all kinds of fun things - acupuncture, Korean hand treatments, moxibustion. I was very surprised at just how relaxed I was - I had thought with great trepidation that sticking a bunch of needles in me would cause pain, stress, anguish, etc. But once she put them in me, I was out like a light and always enjoyed so much sleep during the treatments that I was groggy afterwards. So I highly recommend Anne and am super-excited that she is joining us at Pavia. I'm already on her calendar for this Friday!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Angels Amongst US

The word "Angel" comes from the Ancient Greek word angelos meaning "messenger."Angelos was the translation of a Hebrew word mal-ak, also meaning messenger.

I believe in Angels and have seen, felt and heard them. I could write forever about Angels and the blessings that come due to their existence. This is the first blog of many blogs to come regarding Angels, and I will share some of my own experiences with you. I hope my blogs about Angels will help open you up to their LOVE for you. Angels wait for you to ask for help, carry your wishes into form, as well as comfort you in grief. There are Angels that intervene both in spirit and morph into physical form to prevent a tragedy (if it is not your time to leave your physical body).

There are many books on the market regarding Angels. Some of them say that Angels are pure spirit, free from matter or the physical world (never existing as a human being). I don't fully agree with this statement, because I believe that people we have known in our physical life that now reside on the "other side" come to us as Angels.

For example, my mother died in 1983 of a brain tumor (age 62). My father died in 1988 (age 60) of a brain tumor. Now what are the odds of this happening? After 1988, I thought I would probably die of a brain tumor too. This thought was not daily, but enough over time that in 1999, I had an Angel visit me - my mother.

I smelled the fragrance of perfume my mother loved, which brought me to memories of her, then a whisper in my ear saying I was going to live many years past her, and when it is my time she will be there to meet me, and the message she brought was that I will not have a brain tumor. The love I felt was enormous, and the worry of "Well, I guess I will have a brain tumor too" left me. When the "message" was complete, I felt a physical kiss on my lips. I am not kidding, a "physical kiss" on my lips! Wow, what an experience. I will turn 63 years old next month, about the ages of my parents when they died, and because of the "message" I received long ago, I have not wasted a thought on how I will die. My thoughts are on "LIVING" a full life.

Have you noticed the fragrance of a flower, perfume, pipe tobacco, or hear music that you associate with a person not living, etc.? These are some of the ways that the ones we love who are not in body come to us. Clear your mind and be still, so you too can receive the "message" from one of your Angels.

Many blessings,

Theresa Hatcher
Soul Therapist

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BACK TO SCHOOL: RECYCLING 101 by Claire Stringer

Every body's talking about being "Green" these days. But how much do we really know about what that even means? Sometimes it just looks like a big smoke screen hiding a fad that every company is jumping in on to boost profit. And often the troubles that we hear mounting for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants seem too great to touch with our busy daily lives.

I personally believe the green movement is so much more than a trend. At its best it contains a holistic vision for healing our bodies, our minds, our one and only Earth, and the imperiled future of hundreds of thousands of species--including homo sapiens. I'm very passionate about the movement to preserve the quality of our home planet. In fact, I think it's really interesting how we commonly distance ourselves from "nature" or "the environment," when without it, we wouldn't exist at all. To say "I care about the envirnment," actually is about the same as saying, "Yea, I like to breathe." But taking our exquisite earth for granted is such an ingrained practice that we often don't make that connection.

For me, one of the easiest and most impactful ways to go green is still recycling. Oh sure, right, recycle, recycle, recycle, bla, bla, bla, we've heard it a million times. But are you doing it? Are you doing it properly? Are you really recycling everything you can? Do you know what a huge positive impact it can have both environmentally and economically? Recycling ignorance doesn't have to be your dirty little secret anymore. Make sure your coworkers aren't looking over your shoulder and read closely! (Then forward this blog to them, with a note insinuating that you knew this stuff all along, however THEY might benefit from a lil recycling brush-up).

So, you know the basics, you can recycle glass bottles and jars. You can recycle plastic bottles and containers. Got it. But, remember that not all plastics are created equal. That little number inside the recycling symbol denotes what kind of plastic you've got in your hand. Different areas do or do not recycle certain numbers, but most of Santa Clara County recycles numbers one through seven. Remove all caps and lids from plastic bottles, jugs and spray bottles, unless they too have a recycling symbol on them. Most of those items are made from a different type of plastic which is non-recyclable.

Metal soda cans, soup cans, metal lids, can be recycled, as well as clean aluminum foil. Okay, here's where it gets really fun: paper and cardboard. I love to constantly challenge myself to recycle everything I can, and watch the recycling bin grow full while the regular trash stays a blissfully pathetic little pile. You may know that you can recycle all of your scrap computer paper, post-its, newspapers, and magazines, but I often see cardboard get overlooked. Of course you can recycle all corrugated cardboard boxes, but what about all those boxes and pieces that our foodstuffs and countless other items come with? You can break them down and recycle them! Pasta box, granola bar box, cereal box, band aid box... toilet paper tube, paper towel tube, and all that paper junk mail--recycle them!

It's also important to know what can not be recycled to save precious time and resources and to potentially amend your buying habits accordingly. Bubble wrap and styrofoam packing peanuts can not be recycled. So save and reuse these whenever possible. Tissue paper, paper towels, and napkins are made of fibers that are too flimsy to recycle. Paper and cardboard items that are coated in plastic or wax are also non-recyclable.

Until just today even I did not know that aseptic cartons (such as the ones soy milk and soups come in) CAN be recycled. This is a tricky one, because most do not have a recycle symbol! There is always more to learn about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but that's the fun part. Recycling not only reduces what goes into landfills, it creates jobs and encourages innovation. All you need to start today is a container separate from your trash. To learn more about what you can and can not recycle and what an amazing impact recycling is having on California's economy go here to the site for the Center for the Development of Recycling here:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Teri and Mare Throw a Manifestation Party 10-18-2009!

So excited about our Manifestation Party two Sundays from now, October 18, 2009. Many people have asked me what a Manifestation Party is...well, in short, it is when human beings come together to help each other get what they really want. Each of us, as a collection of vibrating atoms, is really an energetic entity, and a group of energetic entities creates more energy to draw upon and helps to carry each other to higher levels of vibration and manifestation.

I have used manifestation successfully in my own personal life. One week, my husband complained about always getting bills in the mail. I said to him, "No honey, we don't get bills in the mail. We get checks in the mail. Every day!" And I kid you not, the following week, we got 5 days in a row of checks. On Monday, we got a small refund on our tax return from the IRS. About $254 or so. On Tuesday, we got a $20 rebate from Samsung. On Wednesday, we got a check larger than $2,000 as a dividend on an investment we had made in a business long ago (that we never thought would go anywhere, frankly). Thursday we got an almost-$10,000 check from a class-action lawsuit (my husband was not paid overtime in the 2 years he worked for a company), and on Friday, we got my regular paycheck. What a wonderful and lovely validation that our words and thoughts are reflected in our reality!

So then, I decided to throw a manifestation party on July 19, 2009, just for my friends and Mastermind Group. Well, that turned out its own share of successes as well. One participant asked for a car that she could afford, and within 3 weeks, she got one. It was even the same color and model as some of us had envisioned in our minds (a blue BMW). It was also less expensive than a used car she bought 10 years ago. Another participant was trying to sell her house and move to Colorado. She asked the Universe to sell her house within 30 days, and for a price she loved, so that she could be ensconced in Pueblo by 9/5/09. Well, 5 days after putting her house on the market, she got multiple offers, got a great price, and was in Colorado by the last week of August.

I felt so alive and vitally joyful the night of the party. I felt a true sense of communion and community with my fellow humans. I've never in my life wanted others to have what they truly wanted as I did that night. So, I decided to continue the experience and invited Theresa Hatcher to co-host another one with me for Sunday, October 18, 2009, at Pavia from 6pm to 9pm. We've got half our slots filled already, and I am so excited, I just can't wait. I love this work, I love this work, I love this work.