Monday, May 17, 2010

Events at Pavia: The Power of Group Energy

Last night was the fourth class in Brian Rainie's series of energy work events at Pavia. Ten women gathered together to learn more about spirit guides and the different energies and entities that surround us in our lives and how they can effect us. Brian has always told us that once a critical mass is reached at about seven people, a group can run its own energy, and the potential for new experiences, perceptions, and even new levels of healing truly takes off.

I have personally experienced how easy it felt to do healing work in the group setting of my Bodytalk classes and Reiki shares, whereas one-on-one work can sometimes feel like more of a challenge. In last night's class I was particularly aware of what an amazing opportunity group work presents. In the fun and welcoming environment of classes at Pavia, we all seem to be that much more capable of "getting out of our own way" and looking past blockages and beliefs that cloud our intuition.

I'm sure that most of the participants (myself included, certainly) started out the class thinking something along the lines of, "But I can't see spirit guides! How the heck will I know what's going on?" But when the entire class began to focus their energies together on these readings, the results were absolutely amazing.

Somehow it's just that much easier to pipe up and say that in your mind's eye you see a very little old man with a stick standing right in front of your classmate's face when your other classmate is sitting next to you, saying "Yea, he's a tiny old man, with a stick!" And it was a beautiful thing to say to the person getting the reading, "He is SO proud of you."

Not only were we helping each other know to our spirit guides, but to know ourselves more deeply. We weren't just building confidence in our own intuitive abilities, we were opening doors to whole other worlds.

Please contact us if you'd like to know more about our events at Pavia and our Soul Therapy energy work offerings.

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